Wishing each and every one of you a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend filled with abundant food, family & friends, health and joy.

Warm wishes to our friends from afar whose calendar does not call today Thanksgiving – feel free to join Canada in their celebrations.



Yesterday after having a delightful young man work on a reno for me on his ‘day off’, the clouds parted revealing a beautiful, sparkling late afternoon. I grabbed my jacket and camera to walk along the waterfront not wishing to waste this gift.

It was such a joy to see so many people walking the path, families playing outdoor games, fishermen (and women), die hard sailors and power boaters on the water and the abundance of colourful plant life, trees and fauna.

In just a short period of time I was treated to amazingly bright red berries on a bush, OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa heron tucked away on a little island, hardy wind and kite surfers, play of shadow and light, waves lapping up on shore, and friendly greetings from all encountered.



I was so grateful for this wonderful treat on what had dawned a dreary day.




What caused me the most joy and a heart-warming feeling was rounding the point to look up to the traffic stopped in both directions. I went a little closer to see what had caused this, to discover a gaggle of geese meandering across the road, not a care in the world it seemed, and certainly not in any hurry.

I realized how lucky and thankful I was to live in a part of the world where people valued the lives of the geese, patiently waiting for them to go across. Not one person honked their horn to either move the geese along or vent their opinion of being stopped (even those farther down the growing line of waiting vehicles that probably had no idea why traffic was stopped). No one attempted to get out of their car to shoo the geese along.

Finally the geese moved off, traffic resumed, pedestrians smiled at each other and went their way.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One doesn’t have to look far to find something to be grateful for it seems. The seemingly smallest moments or events can have profound impact.

Let’s take a moment each day to make a point of seeing, being and acknowledging something or someone to which we are grateful.  Giving thanks helps attract more wondrous moments and assists us on our growth path.

What are you grateful for today?  As well as for all the above,I am grateful that Goose is not on the menu today!

Happy Thanksgiving – each and every day…….