The following rambling is not about earth shattering situations but does make a point that would suit many situations or circumstances.  It shows how a little patience and a lot of determination can alter what you thought was your reality.

I recently had the Fibe system installed which gives me many great options for t.v. viewing – meaning I’m not home often or when I am I’m engaged in some activity – so I can ‘tape’ the program to view later. It always allows you to join a program late (you know how just when a show that the first 10 minutes are crucial to understanding – the phone rings or the doorbell) – you can restart the show and watch it in its entirety. And a great lineup of music channels. And no satellite outages due to adverse weather – right when you’re wanting to see the weather channel to see if the tornado watch was upgraded to warning – meaning head to the basement. And no issues with snow on my satellite dish anymore – no more hanging out the upstairs bathroom window with a broom to knock the snow off the dish……

Cool eh? Except…….when the tech person hooked up my quasi HD it meant (I found out days later) that I could not use my DVD player. No picture – just sound. Difficult to follow a yoga program without the visual.

The thought of having to book another service call (and be home for it) didn’t sit well. Neither did buying a new t.v. that would enable true HD with an hdmi cable.

I could have said there were two choices only. Buy a new tv or go through the service call inconvenience. Well three actually – not do yoga DVD’s anymore. 🙁

Since I’m a stubborn and determined person I decided to look at this logically. I got out the DVD player manual looking for clues. Looked to see if there were other ports available etc. Then I tossed the manual and just did what my son would do- start messing with the connections. I took the audio/video attachment off the HD box and attached it to the DVD player.

It worked!

Also I have developed a sensitivity to alcohol – but not all and not always. I found a red wine that I didn’t react to and was quite inexpensive – bonus! Guess what? They’ve decided to discontinue selling it at the LCBO. I searched online for near stores that may have a few bottle left. Got a friend to pick some up from the south and went through contortions to get another friend in the north to get the remaining 7 bottles in the province.

Choice two – don’t drink red wine ever. As much as I’m really not a drinker I do enjoy a good glass of red with a meal. Besides I like making my own choices not having them made for me. Trust me that’s true – you can ask my Mom – according to her I was born that way.

So I got thinking…..why would a vineyard stop selling a wine that was quite popular? Well guess what again? They didn’t – just not at the LCBO. I found a little mini wine store within a large supermarket chain that carried it – regularly. Same price. And it’s around the corner and has longer opening hours.

The point of all this rambling? Never give up. Even when it seems quite apparent that there may only be two or three choices – look at the situation from a different angle. Perhaps go away from the dilemma and come back with fresh eyes.

And at all costs – be stubborn if you’re called to. Make your own extra possibility. Square pegs do fit in round holes…..well sort of.  Why? Just because You can and want to!