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REIKI sessions are a combination of both traditional Usui and Tibetan styles.

Energy healing techniques promote relaxation, healing, wholeness and stress reduction.  Reiki is effective in pain management and can be used to prevent disorders, pre/post surgery and to maintain a positive state.

Reiki is used to balance energy on the levels of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  When there is balance there is the ability to heal oneself.

Reiki can be used alone or in conjunction with other therapies.

In a state of health energy flows freely in, through and out of the field in an organized, balanced manner.  In a state of dis-ease or injury, the field is obstructed, disordered, disturbed or depleted.  Healing is really a move toward order.

Axiational Alignment


AlignmentIn its healing capacity Axiatonal Alignment opens blocked meridians to allow the free flow of energies that have been trapped in our beings and restrict our movement forward. When allowed to flow, all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at and have held us captive are released.

It also assists us to reconnect to Source.

Treatment involves three passes down the body. During each pass the practitioner will lightly touch the client at specific points on their body. These points, when put together, will trace out forms of sacred geometry.

What may you feel with this treatment? Some experience deep relaxation, an increase in focus and clarity, motivation, improved concentration, a sense of balance and more vivid dreams. You may find answers to your questions arrive in these dreams or memory flashbacks. You may feel more in the flow, recognizing more synchronicity.

Three procedures:

1. This first pass clears blockages from the meridians by opening and clearing the spin points and allowing them to spin.

2. This pass connects the left and right sides of the body. It helps to balance and centre the masculine and feminine intellect and initiative.

3. This pass anchors the Source energy.

Everyone comes out feeling rejuvenated. Drop the stress, pain and worries. Gain clarity, balance, bliss & a whole host of other wonderful adjectives!


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Philosopher Stone Session


boji stones

The pair of philosopher stones of the ancient Alchemy is used for balancing the body.  These are not magnetic, but they have a balanced polarity.  They can be used to transfer energy from the etheric to the physical body.  They will clean, recharge and fill you with beneficial every, healing holes in the aura or auric field.  Used for protection.  Very useful in Chakra clearing and balancing.

They are used for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  As well as assisting in past life (or concurrent life depending on your belief system) memories.

These stones are believed to be as old as the earth itself, to have been used in Atlantis and this time around are found on sacred lands.

Everyone comes out feeling rejuvenated, balanced, clear and ready for life.  Drop the stress, pain and worries.


Life Regression


life regression Ever wonder where recurring or set patterns originate? Exploring personal development? Just curious?

If you can visualize or day dream, you can regress.

Guided exploration offered in a safe environment.

Past Life Regression Counsellor Training was taken in Sedona, Arizona and is certified by the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training.

Chakra Iridology


eyeUsing a newly developed (by me) form of iridology you will gain information on energetic imbalances in your body’s organs and systems. You will learn your unique Constitution.  Learn what chakras are and their corresponding vibrational messages.   Various chakra-balancing techniques to remedy your findings are given.  Self-care and relaxation techniques could also be accessed.

Gain a new understanding of how chakras affect your health and well-being plus the tools to effectively deal with the stressors life may offer. Iridology is a quick, accurate, non-invasive method of health assessment. Analysis of the eyes dates back to ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilizations.  A symptom is only one part of a body imbalance. Iridology allows us to see the overall health patterns before symptoms appear allowing us to take preventative action.

Iridology does not diagnose disease nor reveal specific pathology.  The iris reflects the condition of the tissues energetically (e.g .. inflammation, acidity, toxicity, congested lymph etc.). Iridology does not concern itself with disease names but with the restoration of health through the building up of a client’s immunity and life force. Iridology is particularly useful for those seeking self-help education, better health, and disease prevention according to natural ways.

At present this is only available in person but will soon be facilitated online.

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