Do you recognize the ‘gifts’ (abundance) coming your way? Or are you too busy/pre-occupied/worried to notice?

Have you lost the ability to see the beauty in the small occurrences in life? Is your perspective skewed?

We all do at times. I invite you to consciously take heed.

Monday was a ‘found’ day for me as my outdoor event was postponed due to t-storm predictions….which didn’t occur – but that’s another rant…..

I decided to do the much neglected errands and chores instead.

In my travels I arrived at the beer store to return empty wine and spirit bottles that I’ve either been storing for a long, long time or there’s something happening here that needs to be addressed. :<)

I arrived, having worked my way through the construction zone to find a makeshift walkway starting well out in the parking lot, toward ‘the store. Grumbling I started making my, to be repeat trek. Just as I was thinking I should have worn a warmer jacket a very pleasant voice called out; “Ma’am (I won’t start on how I feel about that aging word – lol) the store doesn’t open until 10:00. I turned to see an older gent with definitely too light a jacket, walking his bicycle laden down with bag upon bag of empties. I surmise this was a source of income. I thanked him and returned to my car grumbling about having to make a return trip.

Then it hit me! Duh! What did a few dollars mean to my world? No so much. What might they mean to this man? Perhaps much more. What was important to me? Getting rid of the bottles.

I then offered him my stash to which he seemed so grateful – as if I had offered him so much more. He assisted me to unload the boxes and bags adding to his growing stash in preparation of the store opening.

When I thanked him for assisting me in my quest to unload the bottles he smiled such a lovely smile. Perhaps because he knew that I wasn’t treating this as a charity case, but I genuinely meant that he had done me a service.

Very polite, cheerful and appreciative. Unlike the very well-dressed man in the Audi I encountered at another store – that pushed his way ahead of me and let the door go almost literally in my face.

That little encounter (the beer store not the Audi person), made my day. My goal was to clean out the garage which was now accomplished without having to make a return trip. AND I was able to assist someone else in their day.

What a reciprocal act of bringing abundance (it’s all perspective) to our day.

And as the ‘Law of Attraction’ deems so – I continued on my day in a more grateful, heart centered way – which of course drew so many more synchronicities and delightful people to my path.

Please, no matter what is going on in your world that takes you away from ‘centre’, try to see and experience the gifts given. Many come in such interesting little packages that we only have to unwrap to benefit from immensely.

Please share your experiences with opening up to the small but mighty gifts presented.