Day 6

Today I will reinforce my #resolution started at Christmas.  #Simplify is the name of the game.

Dinner menu started off as a 5 course meal.  All these great recipes were dug out or found anew.  My mind and heart (I do love to create in the kitchen) was aglow and running rampant.  As the week moved onward and I injured my ribs (this will be another resolution topic) leaving me a little less enthusiastic the menu started to morph.  And morph some more……and again.  All motivation to work really hard lost to the wind.

Yes, we ended up being fed – however, only 3 courses and not 5.  Some of the more elaborate menus were switched out for ones I could make a day ahead and have at the ready.  My perspective was changing.

The same plan was put into operation at a dinner I hosted the other night.  Menus downsized, plans became simpler and I even graciously accepted the offer of one guest to bring dessert.

And you know what?  We all had a great time regardless of the fact that I had downsized the menu and choices.  Of course a little more wine and a great dessert make short work of any grumblings – if there were to be any.

Remember – it’s the quality of the company and conversation that really is key to a wonderful visit. At least that is  my viewpoint.

What will you recreate, morph or downsize in your life or lifestyle?

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